Test Results Not Answered

amy23 Community Member Posts: 41
Sorry for my delayed your response. The test is being published to HTML and I am asking for all the variables, we send all of the questions and answers to a SQL db. We plan on using all of that information for analysis, but if we had to I think your option 2 could work for us. There are only 25 questions in the test, do you think I could be reaching the 4k limit with that? From the info I have gathered it only happened if the user failed the exam and then went back through and took the test again without quitting out of the browser. I guess that could explain it because then the browser would be storing 2x as many variables.Also, in the second solution, do you move the single letters / numbers that lectora adds for the questions off of the page so that the user doesn't see it and replace it with your own text boxes?Thank you so much for your feedback, if you have any other comments or feedback please let me know. It does not seem like a lot of other people have run into this so I appreciate any feedback you can give me.Thank You.Edited By: amy23 on 2006-11-9 16:14:2