Test Results Not Answered

amy23 Community Member Posts: 41
From the sounds of your question it appears you are asking for all variables to be submitted with the results, and you are also receiving the test questions and answers in the submission. Is this correct? Also, how many questions are you asking in total? How is the test being published?I have seen this problem before when the test is published to html and you reach the 4K limit in Internet Explorer. If this is the case there are a couple things you may be able to do.1. If you are only interested in the results, check the "Show only the score of the test, not the questions and answers" under the results tab in the test properties. If you dont like this approach try the next suggestion:2. Remove the questions and answers from the test submission by placing them in their own text boxes seperated from the question. I do this on some of my tests and place a question number in the Question Text box and a single letter in the choice text boxes. In this way I have created 140 question assessments that have no problem with the IE 4K limit.Hope this helps.