Reset Randomized questions.

sumedh Community Member Posts: 7
I am confused. "I can see the options I had selected..." What options are you talking about. Are you talking about options in the question wizard? If so, which ones? How do you set them when the test is running? - Oops!. I forgot to mention that all the questions were either single select or multiple select. When I go back to the assessment intro page after I had answered all the questions, all the radio buttons I has selected in the earlier try are still selected.Or do you mean "I can see the answer choices I had selected ..."? If this, then that is the way it is designed so that the learner can review their answers before submitting the whole test to the LMS. How did you do this: "I tried giving the reset value at the beginning of the questions"? 2004 does not have a reset action. Did you do this with some actions? Manually when the assessment was running? - I gave the reset value by adding the action icon on the next button of the intro page and selected the "Reset Form" option and gave the assessment as the target, in its properties