Question (not necessarily Test) Features

misshollya Community Member Posts: 69
Sorry you are not aware of what Lectora can do right now. It can: • Make it possible to randomize questions within a test. HG: According to our training, we'd have to create multiples of the same questions and then tell Lectora to pick say 3 of 6. We can't just have 3 questions and randomize those three questions. • Make it possible to put a question in a chapter on its own (not have to bury it in a new test chapter). HG: True - we can add a question wherever we want. But unless it is inside a test, the feedback has to be controled by variables. These are good suggestions: • Make it possible to randomize answers. • Make a check box for programmer if they want the user to "try again" that automatically resets the question and feedback. • Provide a check box with entry field for the programmer to set # of tries and amt of time limit. • Add a check box with entry fields for "All correct feedback", "All incorrect feedback," and "Partially correct feedback." What do you mean here? What do you mean by immediate vs delayed feedback? • Add a "show immediate feedback" and "delayed feedback" checkbox for the programmer. HG: "Show immediate feedback" = showing feedback for each individual choice as the learner clicks. "Delayed feedback" = showing feedback for the whole question after the learner makes his final answer choice. • Add an entry field for each answer to automatically show immediate feedback.HG: Here I am talking about having Lectora create the variables and hold the value I tell it for each feedback for each individual answer. • Add check box for "automatically show delayed feedback before continuing to next page." HG: I mean here that when you click the next button, the delayed feedback appears on the page along with some kind of button (continue or next) that allows the learner to move on from that page after viewing the feedback. • Add a check box for "allow learner to retry question." The learner can retry the question. What stops them now? HG: Sometimes I want the learner to be able to retry a question several times. Sometimes (like in a final test) I don't want the learner to be able to retry the question once they submit their answer.