Question (not necessarily Test) Features

misshollya Community Member Posts: 69
• Make it possible to randomize answers.• Make it possible to randomize questions within a test.• Make a check box for programmer if they want the user to "try again" that automatically resets the question and feedback.• Make it possible to put a question in a chapter on its own (not have to bury it in a new test chapter).• Provide a check box with entry field for the programmer to set # of tries and amt of time limit.• Add a "show immediate feedback" and "delayed feedback" checkbox for the programmer.• Add an entry field for each answer to automatically show immediate feedback.• Add check box for "automatically show delayed feedback before continuing to next page."• Add a check box for "allow learner to retry question."• Add a check box with entry fields for "All correct feedback", "All incorrect feedback," and "Partially correct feedback."