Question (not necessarily Test) Features

misshollya Community Member Posts: 69
Sorry you are not aware of what Lectora can do right now. It can:• Make it possible to randomize questions within a test. • Make it possible to put a question in a chapter on its own (not have to bury it in a new test chapter). These are good suggestions:• Make it possible to randomize answers. • Make a check box for programmer if they want the user to "try again" that automatically resets the question and feedback. • Provide a check box with entry field for the programmer to set # of tries and amt of time limit. • Add a check box with entry fields for "All correct feedback", "All incorrect feedback," and "Partially correct feedback."What do you mean here? What do you mean by immediate vs delayed feedback?• Add a "show immediate feedback" and "delayed feedback" checkbox for the programmer. • Add an entry field for each answer to automatically show immediate feedback. • Add check box for "automatically show delayed feedback before continuing to next page." • Add a check box for "allow learner to retry question." The learner can retry the question. What stops them now?