Tweaking a Table of Contents

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I think I have been reading too hard or have left half of my brain at the new stadium after the Cardinals made mince meat of the Mets last night... just one more win then off to the World Series... okay enough of the digression.Maybe Ben I am being too presumptious in that you indicated that it only worked with HTML, seeing as I publish only to SCORM, and do not usually until I am ready to test, that when I insert the tags initially and then use preview, the tags appear. I assumed (the bad part here) that this meant they did not work.I then replied back to you and you indicated they only work with HTML, so I said, "Oh, I see.. I only publish to SCORM."... this is now where we are.I'll put them back in, and do a test publish to SCORM, but unfortunatly it is a bit pain in the batootie for me to test the scorm course because I have to upload it via FTP and then publish and post the course on the site.... When I get to that point, I reply how it turned out.So, the final question is this: If the HTML tags work in the TOC lines, do they work elsewhere?Thanks again for your replies / posts.Bradley