Index capablility

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
We sorely could use an index capability. Seems to me there are 3 ways to create one:1. Manual where I flag a word and it shows in the index2. I provide an include list of words and all locations show in the index (best)3. Index all words except those on an exclude list (better)Format could work like a Tree TOC and look like:- Word One    - Chapter A       - Section xxx              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ First ref page              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ Next ref page              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ Next ref page       - Section Ccc              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ First ref page              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ Next ref page    - Chapter nnnn       - Section ss              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ First ref page       + Section yyyy       + Section jkjkj- Word Two    - Chapter       - Section              Â¬â€ Â¬â€ First ref page+ Word three+ Word fourEdited By: bpitman on 2006-10-15 9:41:38