Printing Storyboard

misshollya Community Member Posts: 69
Good points. Narration in our world means audio text that will be recorded for each page.By the value of the variables – the value they would be on an individual page. So, for example, page X of Z would show the actual numbers for that page. Or if I create a VAR to change contents on a page, I suggest showing the VAR name and what the contents are for that page. So, for each page, jut a list of all the variables used on that one page and the values for that one page.About the building it into PowerPoint first and using the converter – there was a snafu with the ordering and approval of software so we don’t yet have that package. From how you describe it, that would be the best way to do it. I am more concerned about heavy development items like flash or fancy paths and high-end stuff like that. Not so much worried about tweaking text or objects.Do you have a sample storyboard that I could take a look at?