Printing Storyboard

misshollya Community Member Posts: 69
Another thing to worry about is being able to print the variables and their contents - using the Change Contents as one exammple. The SME needs to see all the texts/images for the page even though they don't show up on the screen initially.Our desktops are locked down so we are unable to use the Windows option to which you refer. It needs to be printed to a format that most people have - like word or powerpoint. So, to meet our needs, you would have to print out for each screen these items:1. The page inital image (a screenshot of the live page)2. A list of variables used on the page3. The value of each variable4. Name of the images on the screen5. Name of other objects on the screen6. A place to add narration text (maybe add this field)6. A place for commentsWithout a storyboard download feature, we are forced to either build the storyboard first will all of this information and then have to copy/paste the entire course. Or we are forced to build out the entire course and ask for feedback once all the development is done (and have no way to gather/track SME comments). Either way, we are wasting valuable time either by building the course twice (once in storyboard and then again in Lectora) or by building a complete course before we have SME signoff which can result in significant changes (causing the developer to go back and make sometimes timeconsuming and big changes). The best option would be to just build out the course once in the tool and download it into a format that can be reviewed at the same time the course is being built.