Printing Storyboard

misshollya Community Member Posts: 69
Good ideas. One question about the "value of each variable". These can be anything so how do you propose that they be printed? You have to have a way to list the possible values which is not in Lectora except in things like T/F & MC questions.Do you mean by narration text, something that explains what is going on on the page?Now, sans those questions, I was with you until the last paragraph. I just don't get what you are talking about here. It is the chicken and egg problem. You have to do either the storyboard or Lectora. So which is it. I agree with the part that says we need a way to take a Lectora course and hand it to SMEs and let them give feedback. But that means we have to have the Lectora course at least partially built. But you said, "by building a complete course before we have SME sign-off which can result in significant changes (causing the developer to go back and make sometimes time consuming and big changes)." Okay, then where does this thing we are going to give the SMEs come from? What we do here is start with a PowerPoint template that has as the background a blank page from the course. We put text block on it to enter the course text. Then either we or the SME builds the first pass. It goes back and forth until both parties are reasonably satisfied.Then we use the PowerPoint integrator to convert it to a course. Add all the trick actions that make the course come alive.Then we publish it and send it back to SME. They review it and use Alt-Print Screen to capture pages in error. They paste them into a new PowerPoint file and provide their comments by either adding text blocks or using the Lecture notes portion. This way we get back only those pages that need fixing. They can try out all the interactions and see just how the page will work.