Variables question

ilgal Community Member Posts: 44
Lectora v. 2006Hello everyone. I have a question relating to workflow when creating variables. I want the first screen of a title to capture the student name, and then use that name in test results printouts to display the name of the student. I'm interested in feedback about streamlining the workflow process to get me to that point. Here's what I did:Created a new variable (StudentName)with the Tools menuCreated an form entry field object on page 1 of my titleGave the entry field an associated variable name (EnterStudentName)Created a "continue" buttonSet the On Click event of the button to modify the StudentName variable to the contents of EnterStudentName variable.Create a form to serve as test results.Add a text box.Set the On Open action of the form to modify the contents of the text box to the StudentName variable.Is there a quicker way to accomplish what I want? This is working fine but it seems like the long way around.Thanks for any input!~Val in cloudy IL