3 Quick Productivity Tips

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
1. Open your image folder and make it one column wide. Place it on one side of your screen. Anytime you create a new graphic with an outside tool (Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, ...) put the image directly in the images folder. New images always appear at the end of the folder when it is open. Then you can just drag and drop it on to your Lectora page. 2.a. Use the Lectora library for storing single objects, objects with actions, sets of objects (don't have to be grouped), pages, sections, chapters. 2.b. Open the Library folder and have it beside your Lectora screen. Then you an drag and drop items directly on your page w/o going thru the laborious Insert menu. Much faster.3. Now that you need a bigger screen, get a second monitor and plug it in. Cards for PCs to support a second monitor cost less than $20. Most laptops have a second video port on the back. Then click on your desktop and select Properties. Click the Settings tab. Right click on the second monitor and select attached. Now you have twice as much screen space as before. Put the folders from 1 and 2 on that monitor.Many monitors now support a resolution greater than 1024x768. See if yours does by trying the settings on the Settings tab mentioned above.