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You and everyone else who does any significant should have at absolute bare minimum a daily backup regardless of the software you are working with - Word, PowerPoint, email, ... Doesn't matter. Forget the Lectora issues. People make mistakes. Hard disks crash. Viruses ... You might also want to consider getting a separate disk drive and back up to it once a day. $100 - $200. May sound expensive but if your computer is your life blood, you should have a way to continue operating.Further, you should have an off-site backup once a week (I do mine once a month) for true disasters like the building burning down. I upload my critical folders zipped to an off-site location daily.Now back to Stability. 2006 is more stable than 2005 but your situation sounds more severe than most. Consider getting 2006 - it is better although not perfect. If you need a business case to justify your need, search this forum for the term ROI. I wrote an extensive article on it.