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I have had problems, although not as severe as yours. I also have lost some work due to Lectora issues and a lot lot more due to operator error (dumb attacks).I finally got wise and figured out that a hour of my time and a few $ would ensure that if Lectora (or some other applications I use) did that again or the operator (me) had another attack, I would be covered. I have a 40mg drive and I use just over 1/2 so I have lots of space. When Lectora fails, it is the awt file that is trashed. So I figured out that that is the file I need to save. I bought WinZip version that allowed me to create backup jobs and scheduled them. I think that costs about $45 or you can save $20 and get a slightly cheaper version and learn to use the command-line interface. I sprang for the $45. I have scheduled several jobs that run automatically.1. Every 10 minutes I have a job that backs up all the .awt files in my work folder. In there I keep one subfolder for each project/title. WinZip allows me to add the time of day as well as put backups into a folder for the day of the week. (WinZip lets you schedule it daily and then you go into the scheduler and have it run it every 10 minutes.)2. Every hour I backup the entire work folder with another job. These go into the same folder as the 10 minute jobs.3. Daily I backup the entire folder to a different folder - the backup file contains the date as part of the file name. When I start work each day I empty out the day of the week folder for today which has last week's stuff in it.All this has saved me once from a Lectora problem, and maybe 10 or 20 times in the last 3 months recovering from problems I caused - like deleting stuff I shouldn't have.