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I do use 2006, and it is more stable than 05. Usually the problem isn't so big. However when I am working off a template that has a lot of actions and I go off and delete chapters at a time, it seems to crash. There are even some jobs that I click Save as Template for and it does not work.I am not sure what it is, but it is not just my PC. My co-workers have the same trouble with the same jobs.Our systems here take a back up of everyone's MY DOCUMENTS folder daily, problem is... The time it takes for them to send me the backed up file, I would have recreated it all already. The joys of corporations.I took your advice and set up a WinZip backup. I do have a second backup hard drive, I usually just archive completed projects to it.. I've learned my lesson.Maybe Lectora 07 should should backup the awt files to a separate folder. Even if you have hundreds of Lectora projects, the size does not get that big.What I did notice, if this helps you people over in Trivantis, was that the awt file itself did not get corrupt on the crash, it happened on the restore. When I opened the file, the file size was good and it looked OK, but it gave me the message that I had unsaved work, would I like to restore. So I of course hit yes. That's when it restored the corrupted backup to the awt and Lectora itself crashed. That's when the file size of the main file went down to 4k. Hope that extra info helps in tweaking the backup feature.(PS... Don't get me wrong guys, still a GREAT product, and it keeps getting better every year.)