Custom Flash/Lectora Development

Hi HemingwayI am very new to Lectora, Previously I was working in flash. Now I have a requirement that all the flash based course need's to be converted to Lectora. Because the AICC version published from Lectora is acceptable to host in our LMS.I need certain Functionalities to be achieved in Lectora and tell me whether these are possible. The functionalities are:1)In Lectora there is a dropdown which shows all the chapters, section and pages. In which the default value should be "Select", so when I click dropdown the list of chapters.. should be displayed and after when a module is selected particular page should be displayed. But the dropdown value should not be changed to the module selected it should still remain as "Select".Is this possible?2)Progress Bar: I have loaded swf created from flash into Lectora. For a individual file I need to create a progress bar. As in flash we can calculate the total frames of the swf and by checking the current frame we can progress the bar. Note: The progress is not for Chapter or Section wise, it is only for individual page only. Can this be done in Lectora using 'flash command'? or what best way to do.Let me know these are possible to achieve.