Custom Flash/Lectora Development

Hey guys I'm actually a flash developer but we've been doing so much elearning that I guess I could call myself a Lectora developer as well. Anyway, if anyone needs some help with an overflow of Lectora stuff, or you are interested in some custom flash stuff let me know. I currently use Flash 8 / AS 2.0 (and I'm beta testing some Flash 9 / AS 3.0) I do a lot of XML driven flash and build a lot of custom templates, as well as audio/video controls, tabbed activities, games, etc... I've been using flash for 4 years, and lectora for 2 (currently v. 2006 and I plan to update as new releases come available). I'd be glad to provide some examples and additional info if you're interested. Edited By: Hemingway on 2007-7-31 15:27:30