SumTotal 7.2 and Lectora

stingal Community Member Posts: 5
Some LMSs have the ability to compare the AICC_Score to the mastery score and automatically update the student's status for you. If your LMS does not have that capability, then you need to add an action to your title. This action can be placed on any page within in the title, but most prefer to add it to the passed page after the test. The action would be placed on the page level and set to On Show, Modify Variable, AICC_Lesson_Status. You will need to place a value the LMS is looking for in the Value area of the action. You will need to get that information from your LMS. The usual values for SCORM are: completed or passed. For AICC they are usually: c or p.Please see this related KB article for more information: How do I get a completed status to show up in my LMS? It seems to always stay at incomplete.Edited By: aaron on 2006-8-31 14:31:22