Table cell border colors

jredw Community Member Posts: 12
I just created a cell in the middle of a table with a blue border on top, red on bottom, green on left, black on right. 1. Set border widths first.2. Select desired cells3. Change color as desired. When I have used more than one color for different borders for a group of cells , it is a bit tricky to do just the border surrounding the cells you want and not the internal borders. You kind of have to select the outside cells and do them one group at a time - top cells and do the top border, left cells and do the left border, right cells and do the right border, bottom cells and do the bottom border. Make sure you click the right radio buttons in the color dialog box.Tip: after each color change, click outside the text box and then reselect your next group of cells to change. The undo function goes back to the last time you clicked outside the text box, NOT the last change you made to the table. I have many times made 4-5 changes to borders, messed up the last one, clicked undo and had it erase ALL changes . Aaarrgh. I finally learned.