Advice on Lectora Test on a LMS

sirwise23 Community Member Posts: 442 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hey everyone...I have SCORM compliant test on a Docent 6.5 LMS. I am having a few issues with this thing. It's straight forward 30 questions in multiple test sections, all under the same test. Passing score is 80%. All standard stuff. It works for the most part too. If you pass it takes you a passed page, if you fail it takes you to a failed page. Hundreds of people have passed the test with no problem, but there are a few complaints of people taking this test and not getting the score submitted.Does anyone have advice on things I could do to make the test more stable? Possible extra actions I could add, to make sure the final test score is submitted? Maybe I should put a delay on the close button or the close frame set action on it? Anyone else ever have this type of trouble where it works for most people but shows glitches to others? It's so hard to troubleshoot when I can't replicate the problem.