Test Section Scores

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Try this: Create a variable for each section (e.g., Section1Test, Section2Test, etc.). You will also need a COUNT variable and a CORRECT variable. For each section just keep COUNT of the number of questions asked, and the number answered CORRECTly. Then just display the results to the student on a page at the end of each section test (using a text item and a "Change Contents" action).Calculate and display the percentage score and point total:"On-show" of your results page,Action 1: Modify variable, Section1Test, VAR(CORRECT), SETAction 2: Modify variable Section1Test, VAR(COUNT), Divide ByAction 3: Modify variable, Section1Test, 100, Multiply ByAction 4: Modify variable, CORRECT, 5, Multiply ByAction 5: Change contents, (some text field), Section1Test (to display percentage)Action 6: Change contents, (some other text field), COUNT (to display point total)Example: CORRECT=3, COUNT=5. 3/5*100=60%, 3*5=15 pointsJust remember to re-initialize (to 0) your COUNT and CORRECT variables for each section.