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Test Section Scores

sirwise23 Community Member Posts: 442 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hello,I am making a test that has test sections in it. I wanted to give the student feedback on their score in each sub-chapter.I know that the test score variable shows the score of the test, but how is the score variable for the test section calculated?My test has 4 sections. Each section is set to pull 5 questions. Each question is worth 5 points. This SHOULD mean that the highest score from each section should be 25 points.However, when I try to take the test, if I score 1 question right in each section, the values for those sections are NOT 5 each. One section gave me back a score of 100, another of 50... ALthough the over-all test score was correct, 20 points.Each section does not have the same amout of questions. Once section has a pool of 19 questions while another has a pool of 8. But each question is still only worth 5 points.Anyone have any ideas?Edited By: SirWise23 on 2006-6-30 15:45:28
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