Font Selection on CSV Import

aselman Community Member Posts: 33
My question to Tech Support was:I understand that the default text style can be changed in the title properties under the background tab. However, when I import a CSV Question File, it closes my current title, then creates a new title that defaults to Arial 10pt and imports. It does not import into the current title or maintain any settings other than Arial 10pt. If you then change the front to Calibri 14pt, the text boxes do not expand and they become squished.How can you set the overall font style or layout style of a title before you begin so that if you import into a blank/nonexistent title, a default style will be used?The reply from Tech Support was:"No…. The default cant be changed before hand…I will write up a suggestion for the developers"So, this is now on the wish list. I guess keep reading the release notes to see when and if this is implemented.