HTML formatting

asamson Community Member Posts: 6
Hi there everybody,

I've got a good one: I've created a training package in Lectora that is intended for displaying in a web browser. The text content has been entered in Ariel font and I've inserted some graphics. The strange this is this: the HTML output displays fine in Firefox on my laptop, but on my colleagues' machines and on my home personal PC Ariel font is displayed as Times Roman and some graphics are out of allignment. I guess the browser is interpreting the code differently for some reason.

Firefox on my work PC 3.5 I think and my home PC is the latest version straight from the site tonight; the guys at work are on quite old versions. IE7/8 displays with the same formatting issues (which is to be expected I suppose, but I'm surprised I'm having issues with Firefox).

If anyone has any suggestions as to why this is happening I'd appreciate some help.Personally I would rather output to .exe because it looks better; I can't stand these HTML issues! :)

Thanks for your help,