Building a glossary

erniethor Community Member Posts: 52
Clarity leads to answers. I need more info to help you."I have created a single page with a list of hypertext words." Is this your glossary page?"The Glossary page is accessed from a button on the interface." What interface? Please describe.You did not describe what happens when they click a word. I have no vision of what your glossary looks like. Mine is simply a list of words in the left column and their definitions in the right. This enables the user to print the entire glossary if they want to and not have to be clicking all over the place.But that is the way I did it. Now back to your problem. What do you mean by "words up the list, and words already clicked, do not work"? How do you want it to work and what does it do now?And you should be able to have a Glossary window opened up from the main window and then a popup there and be able to close them back down one at a time as you desire. What technique are you using to display the popup definition?cheers, ben