Size IE Window from PopUp clarification

wurtzy Community Member Posts: 43
I built a couple of courses that were delivered with Intralearn. The way I got around the window size problem was similar to the way Trainer 1 suggested. Except for SCORM/AICC courses I had to resize the parent window.To do this: create an External HTML object set for 'top of file scripting'. Then insert the following code.   h = 600+51;   w = 800+12;   parent.window.resizeTo(width=w, height=h)This is a simplified solution and could be expanded to account for different version of browsers. I've only checked this with IE. Couple of caveats: 1. Depending on where the Exteral HTML is placed, the learner could get frustrated with the window size always getting reset when going from one page to the next.2. If you need to develop for SP2 you might need to make some adjustments to the sizes of the windows.Scott