Size IE Window from PopUp clarification

wurtzy Community Member Posts: 43
The lessons is SCORM. I received a suggestion from another member to make my first page a dummy page with an action on it:on: show, GoTo: Target: Chapter, Section, Page: (My first page). Then I adjustedit with the "Open in New Window" box and adjusted properties.This worked correctly and opened it as I needed, however, I then recieved API errors (nested too deeply, etc.) after completing the quiz, and now the user would need to close two windows (I could put a simple "click here to exit" link in the dummy page).Still testing, any other thoughts?******EDITED******I believe that success is on the horizon. In the LMS there was an option to open the lesson in a new window and in Lectora you also have that option. I decided to not have this occur and the lesson works and scores correctly.Thanks for all you help.Edited By: Wurtzy on 2006-5-30 12:58:42