Question Enhancements

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
Question EnhancementsMany of us want to allow the learner to try again before showing incorrect feedback. So:1. Provide a third box for Try Again feedback with default text of "Try again." and make that a parameter like you have other text strings at the Title level. Allow it to be replaced at the question level.2. Include a number of tries that starts when the page is entered and is decremented with each try.3. Provide some way for the learner to see the remaining tries on the screen.4. Provide a Title level and a Test level parameter that are the default for the number of tries.For the incorrect feedback, it would be nice to be able to highlight some things on the screen. The easiest way to implement this would be to have an action group that was run in addition to the incorrect feedback display.Also, we should be able to position the simple feedback (not the custom feedback) somewhere on the screen so it does not overlay the question.Effectively all of the above should have title defaults which can be overridden at the question level.thanks, benEdited By: bpitman on 2006-5-24 14:34:54