Lock all objects when publishing

nettskolen Community Member Posts: 6
Thanks for the fast reply.I'll provide you with an example of this as soon as it happens again, but it may take some time before I can provide an actual example of this as the problem is very rare. I may be able to reproduce this problem in an existing title that was affected by the problem earlier though, as I may be able to reproduce this by simply unlocking all the objects before publishing it to HTML. I'll look into this as soon as possible.But in the meantime, please consider implementing my suggestion in one way or another, perhaps in an alternate way: How about including it as a special tool under "Tools" in the menus in Lectora?It would certainly be useful when trying to reproduce the bug for instance, as it involves unlocking size/position for objects on a great number of pages in existing titles.The feature can of course be useful in other situations as well, like when a user decides to move the textfields a certain amount of pixels to the left on every page in a title as a result of an alteration of the general design in the title or similar. If the textfields are allready locked, this will force the user to first unlock the affected textfields on each page, move them, and finally lock them again. If the new feature had been included, this could more or less have been reduced from a three step process to a single step process for each page.Edited By: Nettskolen on 2006-5-8 6:58:36