Lock all objects when publishing

nettskolen Community Member Posts: 6
Yes, I'm referring to the Lock Size/Position property, I should have been more specific about this the first time. If I don't lock the size/position of the objects before publishing to HTML in the current version, certain elements of the HTML-document can in some cases end up in a wrong position when viewed in Internet Explorer. This is a rare problem, but it does happen. Because of this, the only way to make sure this doesn't happen is to lock the size/position of ALL the objects in the entire project file, which is a time consuming process in the current version.The way this works in the current version of Lectora sadly involves doing the Lock Size/Position on each page in the project file one by one, and then more or less manually since it isn't possible to just mark all the pages in the entire title and make this change happen all in one go.In other words, the main benefits of implementing my suggestion are as follows.1 - Objects will never appear at the wrong position in Internet Explorer as long as the new togglebutton is activated when publishing.2 - Locking the size/position of all the objects in an entire title/project will no longer be a timeconsuming process. For the company I represent, this is actually an important point as we work with a large number of Lectora-based courses that are published to HTML.3 - Users of Lectora will no longer be required to manually unlock (or lock) the size/position of objects in the title/project in order to move them in Lectora, assuming they only choose to lock the objects by using the new togglebutton in the publish window - depending on how the proposed togglebutton is implemented of course. All the users will need to do is to make sure the new toggle (in the form of a radiobutton for instance) in the publish window is checked, and the size/position of all the objects will be guaranteed to be correctly displayed in Internet Explorer without any hassle.Edited By: Nettskolen on 2006-5-8 5:48:44