.flv file support

stagecoach Community Member Posts: 19
I'm not sure if anyone is still looking for a solution on this, but I had the same problem. Lectora support provided me a solution for getting a swf/flv file to work.Here is how it worked:I created a flash file that linked externally to the flv file. When I embedded the flv into the swf, it had some audio synch problems. Flash does tell you this (if you read the option information) when importing the flv into the flash file. So, you end up with the flv linked to the swf file. If you add a skin for the video controls, that will also be part of the whole thing.When you publish the flash file, you end up with three files that are expected to be in the same folder - the swf file for your video, the flv file and a swf file for the video skin.To incorporate this into Lectora, you add an External HTML Object. It will look kind of odd - it is a graphic that says 'function mouseclick...'. You then be asked to fill in information for the object. For Object Type, select Flash Movie. Then, a field will be provided for the Movie File. You Import your main swf file. Then, you click on the Additional Files tab on this object window and add your .flv and skin .swf files.You will not see your movie in the Mode...Preview. You will have to publish the class to HTML to view it.Hope this helps!