.flv file support

stagecoach Community Member Posts: 19
I am using FLVs in Lectora all the time, I know there has to be a way to build a special importer for FLVs. Heck I'll build the player if Trivantis just wants to include it with their product.When a user drags an FLV onto a page from a file window, then it should automatically know to attach the FLV as an additional file, then it should place a prebuilt FLVPlayer onto the stage. The FLVPlayer will be in SWF format and will call out to the FLV via XML or some other behind the scenes variable. So essentially you can move the FLVPlayer swf wherever you want it to be, and when you publish it then you'll have a SWF FLVPlayer calling to an XML file(created during publish) which tells it where the FLV is located (duh, in the root folder) and the FLV will begin playing.I don't know, something like that. It would essentially be a library object that places itself and sets itself up.