.flv file support

stagecoach Community Member Posts: 19
I'm confused, I guess...What do you mean when you say "The problem with an flv (Flash Video) file is that it is not natively supported by the Flash plug-in (as far as I can tell.) It seems that you have to buy a commercial Flash Video Player and embed it that way." ?If you're using flash, all you do is drop in the FLV and Flash's FLVPlayback component (which is a built-in component to flash) then plays it... There (In my experience) is no reason to ever have to purchase a FLV player.. The built-in one can be customized as much as you want... Why would Flash video not be supported by Flash?I can understand if the user is just dropping in the FLV into the lectora page, but I assume people realize that they need to use an .SWF to play the videos, yes?Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents..Joe