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rozesonfire Community Member Posts: 51
@SirWise23] In the titlemgr.js file...I did a search for:"
" + trivstrCA + this.corrAns + "
"That should come up 5 times. I replaced those lines with "
".BEFORE:txtRes.add( "
" + trivstrCA + this.corrAns + "
" ) AFTER:txtRes.add( "
" );That removes the Correct Answer from showing up. IF you go to the FIRST occurance that you replaced. (The first one to show up from the 5), and add one word to it:txtRes.add( " (Incorrect)
" );By adding hat to the FIRST occurance, the results page will show (Incorrect) next to an answer if it is wrong, or not answered (If it is unanswered, it's still wrong).Two notes to remember:1) THis is the JS from Lectora 2006, I am not sure if 2005 is different.2) If you do this, save the JS file somewhere else. WHen you publish it will create the old one, you will then have to manualy replace and overwrite the old JS file. You may have to publish to unzipped first just in case then manually compress. I hope this helps.[/QUOTE wrote:
We are only finding three:"
" + trivstrCA + this.corrAns + "
"Instead of the five listed in the quote above. When we make the changes listed to the three we are not seeing any change in the test results window.Any ideas?