feedback for Drag and Drop and Matching

rozesonfire Community Member Posts: 51
I create eLearning for thousands of learners and I have to avoid using drag drop and matching questions because learners will never understand what they got right and wrong. I'm not sure how feedback is displayed in other authoring tools as I have always customized my quizzes in the past. Here's my 2 cents (or more):1 - The feedback window is way too small. Enlarge the window at the very least.2 - If there is a multiple answer question, do not let the correct answers run into each other. It's hard to read.3 - Format the feedback window. I'm not going to design it for you but at the end of this post is a link to a very basic improvement of the window to give you an idea. It's basic design 101 folks, come on. I literally made 5 "no-brainer" changes to this window while standing on my head with one-eye closed and even this is better than what we have now. My point being anything is an improvement.4 - For Matching questions, both sides of the matching should be displayed in the feedback. If the matching items are text or objects, they should both be displayed. I'm not a programmer but I'm guessing that Lectora could point to the value of the graphic/text fields in order to display those fields on the feedback window. Would it be too much to ask if you could at least provide us with thumbnails for the graphics?5 - For Drag Drop questions, same holds true as the Matching question. Ditto on the thumbnails.Improved Test Feedback Window