feedback for Drag and Drop and Matching

rozesonfire Community Member Posts: 51
Tool Kit HTMLLectora Tool Kit Source zippedThe matching numbers are the pairs as you go thru the question wizard, not as shown on the screen. The first pair is 1-1, the second is 2-2, etc. So a correct answer is always 1-1,2-2, ...The wizard scrambles the entries when it generates the question page so the matches are NOT always across from each other. There is no really good way for Lectora to show the correct answer on the summary page other than the way it does. The matches could be objects or very long blocks of text. This always presents a problem to learners. What I do is give feedback on the page by showing the correct matching with orange lines that are initially not visible. I do not use matching in a test, just in activities/exercises embedded in the content chapter because the answers are so hard for the learner to interpret on the summary page. You could display the hidden answer as the user went thru the test.And you have the same problems with drag and drop and hot spots.