Tools not wizards

trainer1 Community Member Posts: 25
John asked me for some fedback...I suppose now having looked at depth, being able to create a wizard to create a new course is one advantage to an SDK. However not too sure how much of an advantage.I am a little depressed now I get my head round it as what I really wanted to do was to create a set of sub tools that I could have linked into Lectora. Direct into the menu structure. I would like to have added a new drop down menu for a set of my own tools.. all sepaerate apps that linked...AWZ is a start, however I am not too sure how useful. Most courses can be created from template, wizards are OK for beginners unless they can have some complicated links to dbases etc (not sure if it's worth the effort?)Filters are more interesting, providing the information of what exists is in a standard format to be used.AWL is a far more interesting proposition, like the capture, camera and powerpoint importer tools. I would have hoped to have been able to consider a number of Macro type tools, editors and flash inclusion tools to be added to the menu structure of Lectora.Neil