wizard info required

trainer1 Community Member Posts: 25
HiI think I now understand most of what is in the SDK, it has not been easy trying to establish exactly how the final wizard works. I still can't see exactly how the wizard calls the included dialogues in the sample 'red title'. The paperwork suggests editing existing, this will only create a variation of the same but does goes through how to start from scratch (not in too much depth) before getting into how to edit the wizard cpp file (this is the easy bit as its well documented).It looks like it calls via a number of includes.Most of my previous work has been using 'form' driven apps rather than just a dll, although one can create and add dialogues its not quite the same....I think there is more information required as to how the actual wizard works and what it calls from where...To make this easier would it be possible to have the project from one of the other exsting wizards that uses a different set of dialogues from just the page/chapter set that is in both the simple and red wizard included.Shaded border presentation or Photo album would be good, all the others seem to be a variation on the same theme.Personally I think I will try to create something from scratch, at least this way I will know what does not work in what I have written, rather than what does not work from adapting your code?Neil