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Im using 2004 but Ive made the necessary code changes manually, and Flashvars are working up to a point.My flash movie is receiving what I pass using Flashvars and then either playing or leaving stopped a sub movie based on the variable value. So far so good.The final piece in the puzzle is getting Flashvars to grab the current vale of my variable and pass this. I can only get it to pass whatever its set equals to in the EMBED and PARAM tags. for example, its always passing a value of 1:anim171.addParm( "" )andanim171.addParm( "<embed src='module1_1.swf' FlashVars='audio_var=1'.....If I dont set it equal to something, noting gets passed Now what I want, is for the current value of audio_var to be taken from where its set elsewhere on the html page, and for this value to get passed to flash, for use in a flash if else statement.I dont know very much JS so I dont know how I should modify the above code to do this. Perhaps I need a separate script to set what Flashvars will pass as equal to the actual value of audio_var on each page?In case its relevant, heres the JS the lectora buttons use to set the value of audio_var:function action502(fn){    Varaudio_var.set('0');     if(fn) eval(fn);}and :function action507(fn){    Varaudio_var.set('1');     if(fn) eval(fn);}Any suggestions on what code I need to modify/add?many thanks for the help so far,Turlon
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