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I am attempting to pass a lectora variable to the flash front end on each html page of a course. The Lectora variable is set by a flash button click, and then carried over to the subsequent pages. I need the flash movies on these pages to check this variable upon loading, and then play a sub movie if its equal to 1. Im pretty sure to need to pass the variable to flash in some way so I went looking and I found some code in this forum:var yourVariable = new String();getURL ("javascript:window.document.[name of Lectora-published .swf>.SetVariable('yourVariable', LMSGetValue('cmi.suspend_data'))");.....but Im having trouble getting it working. Pardon the following simplistic questions as I dont know JS!- Am I even using the correct code to achieve what I want!?- Does this piece of code get inserted as is, between the HEAD tags on each html page...os somwhere else?-Do I keep the square brackets around the swf name in the actual code? eg. [name of Lectora-published .swf]I also need help with the Flash code side of things, as this is probably not correct either. I placed this actionscript on the first frame of each flash movie/page.javascript:VaryourVariable.getValue();if (yourVariable = "1") {     WAV.gotoAndPlay(2);} else {     stopAllSounds();}stop();Any suggestions on what is wrong with my code and indeed my approach would be greatly appreciated! Edited By: turlon on 2006-3-31 7:26:19
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