1 large file or several shorter modules?

dannette Community Member Posts: 16
That works as long as you aren't launching the course thru an LMS. If you jump out of course A and into course B then you've lost contact with the LMS.My suggestion/solution does exactly what you are talking about EXCEPT that it maintains the initial contact with the LMS because it never leaves the original frameset where the communication is established with the LMS.All I do is create HTML wormholes(IFRAMES) to allow the external course(s) to present itself through to the user. The user NEVER sees any difference because it looks like it is all the same course but it's easier to maintain and change.This solution will function just fine, the only real question is does it break an AICC/SCORM rule. Not sure as it kind of parallels pulling content from a database, except here you're pulling entire module sections from an external location.SB