1 large file or several shorter modules?

dannette Community Member Posts: 16
Here's what I would do -A.) Produce EACH module as a separate HTML published course WITHOUT the titleManager. Publish each to their own separate folder.B.) Create a MASTER Lectora course (AICC/SCORM). Now this part could be done slicker with variables and javascript calls etc, but the simpler way would be to make a MENU page, and a SINGLE PAGE FOR EACH MODULE that has an IFRAME placed on the page that fills the entire page. The IFRAME would be an external HTML object with any name, object type of OTHER, and CUSTOM HTML of So basically what you are doing is making a "hole' in each page thru which the content of each separate module in pulled thru. That way you can change the content of ANY of the modules separately from the parent module.C) The ONLY caveat here is that you have to create a way for each of these pages to go back to the Parent Menu page. It is as easy as putting the return nbutton ON TOP of the IFRAME itself, making sure it appears after the IFRAME in the left hand authoring pane, and has ALWAYS ON TOP selected in its properties window. The other navigation buttons for forward and back should be in the INDIVIDUAL modules - or you'd need some javascript to handle the navigation, and it's just not necessary.Personally, I'd include the question (assessment) in the Parent (Hosting) module.As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, you don't have to keep the individual modules in the same folder as the parent module (host), but it has to be in the domain for security purposes.SB