1 large file or several shorter modules?

dannette Community Member Posts: 16
Thanks for the clarification! We don't have a "real" LMS yet, just CourseMill. Do you know if this will cause the same kind of problem in CourseMill? I'm thinking that we can proceed as we've been doing for now and then, once the course is all developed, if we get an LMS and it's not "playing nicely" in that sandbox (or there's a similar problem with CourseMill), then we can always bring the seperate courses together into one course down the road (I wonder if there's an automatic way to do this or if we'll have to manually merge all of the image files, etc. from the separate courses...).Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond!LauraP.S. Your other solution is probably a great one, but I haven't had the chance to learn anything about IFRAMEs and I'm not super knowledgable/comfortable with HTML stuff yet (beyond putting in little formatting codes or something), so it looks kind of "scary" to me (nothing I can't get over with sufficient motivation though...I'm definitely the alpha-geek on my team !)