1 large file or several shorter modules?

dannette Community Member Posts: 16
Okay, here's where I really show my ignorance... Can't one just create one Lectora course that links out to other Lectora courses? So, for example, couldn't you have an "Intro" course that houses thinkgs like general directions for using the course and other stuff not specific to a particular module and a page with text or graphics that users can click on to access the course modules (each of which is really a separate Lectora course file)? I'm currently working on a project under the assumption that I'll be able to do that. In my first multi-module project, I created one big Lectora course with separate chapters for each module, but, since different people will be working on different modules at the same time for this new course, I thought the making-each-module-a-separate-course approach would be preferable, so we wouldn't get in each other's way...I'll be waiting with baited breath to hear if my initial assumption was incorrect! Laura
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