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Good morning Ben and Andy.Let me thank you for your reply and suggestions.Regarding Andy's suggestions, I tried it and it worked within reason except I am realizing some deficiencies in what I originally wanted to do.My project is made up of 6 chapters with an average of 15 pages per chapters. On the last page of every chapter an action associated with that page would show that the user “read” the chapter and would change in the Main Menu (first chapter), a text box from “Pending” to “Viewed”. The variable would retain these values as the user went through the course. Problem with that is the action in the Main Menu will not “see” the text box situated in the other chapters.Another problem I am finding is that if the user leaves the training to return at another time, those variables would not be retained. So that answers Ben questions whether the fields would be correct when the browser is reopen. The boxes would not change if the user never went to the last page.Each chapter would be associated with different variables for the sake of changing “Pending” to “Viewed”. Hence five variables, for the five chapters. The first chapter which has the Main Menu would not count.I did not publish, with the option "Use JavaScript Title Manager” checked. Not sure why that would be a difference. I tried and nothing changed.I am using this technique, to give the users an indication of which chapters they have read. When I said “refresh” I meant hitting the F5 to restart viewing the page.Is there any other suggestion of doing the above, without a LMS?Again, thanks for your reply.Bruce
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