Showing Chapters that are Viewed

bruman Community Member Posts: 54
I am attempting to create a training module using Lectora and publishing the modules in HTML.In the Main menu, I have a table of contents(text box)on the left hand side of the screen and on the right side another vertical set of text boxes with the words "Pending".My goal is to have the text box with the words "Pending" changed to "Viewed" whenever the student actually views the last page of each module.I created an Action with On: Mouse ClickAction: Change ContentsTarget: Pending1 (text box within each module; Pending1, Pending2,..etc.New Contents: pendingA (seperate variable for each module)I also applied a Condition:pendingA = Viewed!The variable (pendingA) is set to Initial Value: Pendingand I checked the "Retain Variable value between sessions".On the last page of each module, I applied an Action.On: ShowAction: Modify VariableTarget: pendingA (seperate variable for each module)Value: Viewed!Modification Type: Set Variable ContentsThe weird thing is that it seems to work but the "Viewed!" doesn't stay. Once I refresh it goes back to "Pending".Can anyone show me how to get this to work or a better way?Thanks in advance. Edited By: bruman on 2006-3-30 16:0:9