Showing Chapters that are Viewed

bruman Community Member Posts: 54
Hmmm. Sounds like you are expecting the boxes to react when you are developing the pages. The F5 only works during development to show you the layers when you are constructing a page. Variables are NOT active at that time. You need to be in one of the run modes or have published to either .exe or HTML. You will need an action to set each box on the Main page as well as an action on each to set the box at the end of the chapter.You only talk about one variable retaining values (plural). You need to have one variable for each box on the main menu -- i.e. 6 variables.You need to go to Tools => Manage Variables and check "Retain between sessions" for each variable. Now this only works once you have Published the course, not in the Run or Preview modes (traffic lights on the toolbar).Set the variables to be retained, publish, and let us know what happens?Ben
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