Embedded Captivate to SCORM Publish

dhugh56 Community Member Posts: 60
AnimeDwayne,Can you please walk me through the process with Captivate and Lectora. In Captivate, I made it SCORM 1.2 compatible, included the above Javascript.Now this is where I am confused. Where do I put the swf in Lectora? I tried putting it inside a Test, but without any Lectora test questions, this would not generate. So, I put the swf on its own page. The javascript works because after I complete the Captivate test, it jumps to the cert. page. However, the on show command of AICC_Lesson_Status is generating an error. Also, how do I get the score to pass from the swf back to the LMS? If you have an example, that would be great. Thanks.
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