Duplicate orm name variable

robynnet Community Member Posts: 27
Hi allI'm hopeing someone might have a solution for me...I've created a course and it is published to html. I have two text fields on the log-on page - for the persons name and their group. Now I'm wanting this info to be duplicated onto another page so it can be submitted with the question form and that way the peoples names/groups can be tracked with their results. (As this course is HTML, is there a way to track this kind of info that I don't know about?)On the question form page in the course, I've created two text fields - "name" & "group" which won't display onscreen, but the variables will be submitted with the form. I've put actions on each text field to do the following: ON SHOW change the contents of Target "name of duplicate field" to New Contents "name of login field". And the same for the group field.This worked fine for courses created in 2004 lectora, the latest course is created in 2005 and the duplicated text fields keep showing ~~~null~~~.Anyone know what I'm missing?ThanksR